How To Wear Pink And A Few Styling Ideas Too

22 October 2016
Let's talk about colour. Let's do pink. Blush, nude, shell, whatever, It's that subtlest of shades that I'm interested.

Treat it as a neutral because it goes so well with many colours:

Light grey

...and that's just off the top of my head. Ok so yes, the fashion pack do occasionally pick up on it and flog it to death (this season) but it's one of those colours that really doesn't date.

It's such a useful shade in your wardrobe that you can wear all year round. There's another reason why I love pink, it's so much more forgiving on a mature skin than say a pure white. Bright white is a strong colour and can be very draining whereas soft pink is less harsh. In fact, every time you reach for a white top, you could probably replace it with a pink one - it really is that versatile.

How To Wear Nude Pink

But how should you wear it? If you need to double check your own colour palette, click here.

Deeps, Clears & Cools

(that's women with dark hair, any colour eyes or grey hair, any colour eyes)

Wearing colour successfully is all about balancing your own colouring. Each one of you in these 3 categories will have a strong, dramatic look so a pale pink will be too insipid on it's own. But don't worry, it's very easy to remedy. Add a stronger colour below the chin such as black or dark navy or charcoal to give it some ooomph.

It could be a jacket

Or something as simple as a ribbon tie or necklace

By the way, I don't want to confuse you, I'm not a Deep, Clear or Cool. Photos are for illustration purposes only (there, that's my disclaimer!).

Chances are you'll have lots of deep colours in your wardrobe already so adding a shot of pale pink could breathe new life into old clothes.


(that's women with red or warm tones in their hair and an overall rich, golden look)

This is why I'm not the best colour consultant because I break too many rules. You don't get pale pink in your palette at all and I do think that the pale candy pinks are totally wrong for you. But, the palest nude and shell, well I don't see what the problem is with those, particularly as some have a definite peachy hue. So I say, you go girls. Wear with pewter, chocolate brown or bronze. In my mind they will look stunning with pale pink against your overall golden look. 

The top I'm wearing here is leaning towards the peachier of pinks. I have a warm undertone to my skin (although it isn't my dominant palette) and my skin always looks so fresh when I put this little top on.

Softs & Lights

(that's women with mousey or blonde hair)

Pale pinks look wonderful against your skin tone. If you've never tried it, you really are missing out. It softens the complexion and masks those wrinkles (I know, it's magic). Softs try shell pink and Lights, you can do pastel pink. 

Try wearing it tonally, that is with other shades of similar depth such as nude and cream as I am here. By the way, it doesn't matter what you wear on your bottom half as it's away from your chin!

A Few Style Ideas

I thought it would be useful to show how easily pale pink can slot in to your wardrobe. I'd love to say that these pieces belong to me. Alas, I borrowed them from Winser London but very much enjoyed wearing them even if it was just for the photo shoot. 

The Pink Skirt 

So far we've talked about wearing pink on our top half but of course there's no reason why you can't wear a pink skirt or trousers. 

Black Ruffle Blouse - old (similar)
Milano Pure Wool Skirt - Winser London
Black Shoes - ASOS (similar)
Black Bag - Marks & Spencer (love this)

In fact if you're bigger on top, wearing deeper colours as I have done here is a great way to balance you out. Because as we know, dark shades are slimming. It's also a great way of buying in to the colour if you're really not sure about wearing it as a top. So a red head could wear it with a bronze bomber jacket for example.

By the way, I have this skirt in camel and I absolutely love it. I borrowed it for this post, sent it back, and then promptly reordered as I couldn't live without it. This could get expensive!!!! The knit is really substantial so it sucks the belly in and springs back into shape when you take it off. Always a sign of quality.

So, I think we can safely say that pale pink looks amazing with black! 

The Silk Shirt

Gosh where do I begin? So much to say about this. First of all, let me show you the photo from the website. It's the white one but I want to talk about the shape.

It's a stunner isn't it. All three items I'm featuring from Winser London are for your forever wardrobe, this included. What I wasn't expecting was how fabulous it looked and felt untucked with that lovely curved hem. Go feed your face at that Christmas do and no one needs to know what's going on under that shirt. 

Silk Ruffle Shirt - Winser London
Burgundy Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Black Shoes - ASOS (similar)
Tassel Bag - Next (similar)

I teamed it with burgundy which I think is my all time favourite colour combination (well ok, it is this season). These shades were made for each other don't you think?

The detail is exquisite, check out those cuffs. It was super difficult to part with this one! I loved the fact that there's a ruffle but it's not an in-your-face-kinda ruffle. It's subtle. And don't worry about ironing. I steamed the shirt all over and the packing creases fell out. Can't tell you how nerve racking that is when it doesn't belong to you!!!!!

The Versatile Jumper 

I'm always on the look out for clothes that can be worn for different occasions. It makes for a very workable wardrobe and this next piece fits the bill and some more. 

I've added the website photo above because it's a true representation of the colour. Big love for this jumper.

Merino V-neck Jumper - Winser London
NavyEmilia Ponte Blazer - Boden
Navy Coated Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Loafers - Next (similar)
Pippa Grab Bag - Modalu

Worn with my beloved navy which I know is so much better for my complexion than black. 

How perfect is it for wearing under a blazer for smart-ish workwear? Ok, you might need to tone down the coated leggings but you get my drift. Navy and pale pink, big thumbs up.

In my mind, it's smart enough to wear with black cigarette pants and heels for an evening out. I'm all for easy outfits these days.

Or dress it right down with a pair of joggers and trainers. Sundays I'm looking at you. 

Well I hope I've convinced you (if you didn't know already) that pale pink really is a versatile colour. It's graced my wardrobe for many years and I'm always keen to add more. What about you? Do you do pink?? 

All packed and ready for New York. Husband is in London somewhere as I type and isn't due back until later tonight. He said he'll pack tomorrow. We're leaving at 4am!!! Breathe deeply Donna, breathe deeply.

So I'm off to entertain the in-laws with a takeaway and bottle of wine who are here while we're away. Well it's the least I can do!

I'll be taking a few days out from blogging but you can catch up with my antics on Instagram and there's an Insta Story of my packing too xx

Finally! A Midi Dress That's As Perfect As Perfect Is

19 October 2016
Guess what! Laura Ashley have asked me to write for their blog again. Whoopee! My first post was back in the summer of 2015 (here). All very glamorous, shot in Miami. This time it's Bollington Canal. Never let it be said that I haven't remained grounded ;-)

Anyway, unusually the peeps at Laura Ashley are totally happy for me to share the details with you right now even though I'm not scheduled until 15th November.

I'm writing about a fabulous dress which was the answer to my dreams. You see I've been searching

and searching

and searching

for a winter midi dress. One that didn't SCREAM LOUD FLORALS. And quite honestly, I was beginning to think that they didn't exist. Oh sure there are loads around but big, bold patterns in cool shades really don't do anything for my Soft & Warm colour palette at all. I mean, I'm breaking a lot of rules here, wearing a black background. But, the smaller pattern and that injection of rust really helps the cause!

Wild Floral Sprig Print Midi Dress - Laura Ashley
Camel Leather Biker Jacket - Karen Millen (similar)
Tan Boots - Boden (similar)
Black Bag - Modalu (similar & 15% off first order)
Watch - Daniel Wellington 

It's a stunning shirt dress, fully lined which gives it weight. And of course the weight lends itself wonderfully to the drape. It feels so much more classier than the floaty versions I've been trying on. But that's probably down to the fact that it's a proper grown up dress. The Wild Floral Sprig print has come right out of the Welsh archives, not that I'm getting a kick out of that or anything. Oh alright then, I am.

A sassy little bugger it is too, with the crafty front split and waist synching belt.

I wore it with an old pair of tan boots from Boden, a Karen Millen leather biker jacket and my trusty old Modalu bag. Even the husband commented. Something along the lines of, you're a bit dressed up for Bollington Canal (for those of you who are not familiar with my sarcastic other half, that means he likes it).

Anyway, the canal. There's a cute little tea shop called Waterside Cafe (of course). All mis-matching furniture, pretty views and delicious food. I'd love to say that we took photos of a cream tea with finger sandwiches served on a vintage cake stand washed down with glasses of Prosecco. In reality, we ate a breakfast of toasted teacakes and supped our lattes in record time so that we could go shopping.

And who put that bloody Ketchup bottle there? Ruined the shot it has!

But I really, really enjoyed wearing the dress. There's 30% off at the moment too. It comes up slightly large so size down if you're an inbetweeny. I'm wearing a 10 and there's plenty of room!

Right, I'm off to put a few words together for Laura Ashley. Self imposed; no swearing, no slang, no sarcasm. Can't do anything about that Ketchup bottle though.

What To Wear When You've Fallen Out With Jeans / A Denim Alternative Post

18 October 2016
I'll give them their due, Next have been good to me this season. The pull on coated leggings for a start (you know I'm a massive fan of these, as it would appear many of you are too). And then on Saturday, I saw these flannel joggers except they only had silly sizes left in the shop. I barely dared to look online in case they were sold out. But it was meant to be, me and those joggers. I picked them up yesterday and wore them today. That's always a good sign isn't it?

Charcoal Twill Textured Trousers - Next
White Shirt Ichi (old) - budget option here and investment option here
Coat - Vero Moda - love this one
Trainers - Next
Bag - Coach - similar

You see, me and jeans aren't getting on at the moment. It's been a gradual thing, this parting of ways. Every morning, I open my denim drawer and then close it again. I don't know why, they're the innocent party in all of this. It's me, not them. I'm not digging denim!

 It's all about the smart, comfortable trousers this season and these ones fit the bill perfectly.

Smart enough if you wear business dress but easy to dress down with a pair of trainers too. And charcoal, well, it might be the new black on the block! Did I mention how cosy and warm they are?

Style Notes: 

1. They come up true to size

2. You might want to swerve if you carry weight on your hips, I don't think the pockets will do you any favours

3. Style up with heels and a blazer

4. Style down with a slouchy top and trainers. I bought this top to go with them for a kind of grown up leisure wear look. Ignore how it looks on the model online - not the best shot in the world! By the way, teal is a great colour for most skin tones.

Teal Metallic Tie Hem Sweater - Next 

4. They're meant to be cropped so pop a pair of nude pop socks on to keep your ankles warm (how does something so thin actually work - one of life's mysteries).

Very happy with my jeans alternatives I am and for £26, I think they're a bit of a steal.

We Did A Bit Of Shopping On Saturday

16 October 2016
Love a bit of shopping I do, although the Trafford Centre on a Saturday afternoon might not be the most well thought out idea. I think we managed 5 shops in total (the daughter and I). It was rammed! Think the last Saturday before Christmas and you won't be far out.

Anyway, it was a pretty successful afternoon considering I only set out for a pair of black trousers. Want to know what we bought? 

What I Bought

I know I said I wasn't going to buy until after we've been to New York but you know what, I hate shopping in other countries. Always feeling rushed and pressurised into buying, having to strip off every few minutes to try on and then worrying that you can't fit it all in the suitcase. Oh and the thought of shopping with the husband. No! No! No! That coupled with the fact that the sterling rate is pants right now. So, after coveting the Balfern, I took the plunge and bought it. Described as green, it's more grey with a hint of green. I sized right down to an 8 because the leather really does stretch and grow. Had I not tried on the sales assistant's black size 8, I'd probably have plunged for the 10 (I'm really an 11 on top). But her jacket fitted me really well. So, I shall be shoe horning myself into the jacket, sitting next to the radiator and doing lots of aerobic movements in an attempt to stretch the damn thing.

I've decided that I've fallen out of love with denim (more on that another time) and after a mild panic, realised other trouser options were needed. I'd noticed these online and popped in to River Island to check them out. Of course they only had a teeny weeny size 6 left but all sizes still available online. So I tried the ones above instead and loved them. They remind me of the Annas from Whistles which don't work on me. A friend has them and they look amazing on her. So pretty thrilled that these RI ones are perfect. Don't let the description put you off if you're after a smart, comfortable trouser, they're nothing like joggers! Note to River Island though....lose the zips!!

Ok, so we both tried these which is surprising given that we have very different taste in footwear. I bought them, Ash is still thinking! She'll cave, I'm sure. They're definitely a fashion purchase, I don't expect them to be in my wardrobe for years. They're what I would call a fashion injection. Trouble is they're not leather, I really wish they were and would happily have paid more than the £55 price tag. Sleeping on this purchase, they may go back.

Reduced to £20, they were an easy buy. Except they make a funny noise when I walk. Hoping that's a temporary thing. I was seduced by the full shoe which will be so much warmer in winter. Available in black and the most amazing rose gold as well. 

I would never have picked these online but in real life, they are seriously lovely. The fabric looks like an expensive flannel. 

Had to order in my size which I'll pick up tomorrow. Very much looking forward to styling them with trainers and a blazer. 

Zara Pinstripe Fitted Culottes (£19.99)

Believe me, I have searched and searched for these online but nope, they're not there!! Love-hate relationship with Zara continues. I mean, they have some amazing stuff yet again but oh the quality is terrible. Anyway, we both bought these culottes. I've got a couple of pairs but I've never felt 100% happy in them. These are thicker and hang better. A neat elasticated waist so there's zero bulk around the belly. Love the pinstripe and really useful if you wear business dress. 

Do not  say I told you so when I wash it for the first time and it falls apart. I know, I know. It was the stripe and the zip that did it for me. E'nuf said.

And What Ash Bought

As well as the Zara culottes and a couple of other purchases, she was somewhat restrained. Might have something to do with the fact that every time I call her, she seems to be in the Westfield Centre. It's slightly too convenient to her house in West Kensington. 

It's that fur jacket that's been all over Instagram, across all ages, it knows no barriers. Got to admit though, it's gorgeous. 

Fab little top and very useful too. I think this one edges it over the leopard print one (which has also been all over Insta). It's cleaner and crisper and dare I say it....a perfect Christmas top. 

Leather Chain Coin Choker

I haven't got into the whole choker thing, no one wants to look at my turkey neck. This one is slightly different to the one we picked up, but not much. They had stacks of different styles in the Top Shop concession in Selfridges, not so many online. There's something really rather lovely about a choker on a young neck and she's really amassing a small collection at the moment.

And that's it. You would have been proud of me, managed heels all day and didn't moan once. Anyway, the current weather in New York has totally thrown me. It's 25 degrees this week! I had to double check that I was looking at celsius not farenheit. Drops to 17 next week which is still warmer than average (I believe). Wardrobe planning has gone back to square one. 

Have a good week. 

Selling Some Of My Stuff!

15 October 2016


I've had a bit of a wardrobe clear out and listed a few things on my Tictail shop if you want to have a look. There's still a heck of a lot more to list but it's that time 'thang'. Anyway, it feels good to have made a start. Everything is lightly worn and freshly laundered and ironed.

The link is below and if you haven't bought from Tictail before, it's a very simple checkout process.

Right, I'm off to fill my wardrobes with new stuff (only joking).

An Outfit For Grocery Shopping(!!!!!!)

14 October 2016
It was the first title that sprung to mind. Let's have another go...

An Everyday Outfit When You Don't Want To Try Too Hard

Does that sound better?

Ok, let's crack on. 

I'm in a bit of a transitional mode at the moment. Firstly, seasonal transition, it sure has got colder this week. Secondly, me-transition. I feel as if I want to dress more grown up (the summer hem lines will certainly be dropping next year). I'm not sure if it's because of the big birthday next month or the fact that I'm looking long and hard at some of the purchases I've made over the last few months and thinking, no Donna. I'll talk about that over the weekend. Basically I just want to jump into a full on Winser London wardrobe and never come out. Cashmere and merino wool and silk and full on grown up City Chic. Sigh!

And that has bugger all to do with todays post.

It's unusual for me to have a full day at home on a Friday. Nice but unusual. So, nothing special planned, I opted for full-on comfort. Coated leggings, long jumper and trainers. 

Jumper - Mango (see below for similar)
Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Leather Trainers - Next 
Bag - Modalu
Scarf - Kettlewell Colours

The trainers are the ones that I picked up for a song in the Next clearance - £20 (leather they are too). They've still got some left (click on this link and you'll see them) I think every girl should have a long line jumper in her wardrobe, for those days when you want to hide inside it. This one is actually charcoal not black from Mango a couple of years ago and still going strong. Don't bother looking for similar, they've gone all daft and quirky this year. Why do they do that? 

And that scarf? It's a useful little thing, great for working the verticals and lengthening your frame. And of course it adds a pop of colour too. I got it from Kettlewell Colours last year. It's available again this season in forest green marl and several other shades too. Perfect for lifting a pretty drab outfit. Oh yeah, and it's warm too!

Styling Tips For Long Jumpers

1. Watch the proportions. Make sure it fits at the shoulder if you want an overall 'neat' look. Also a fitted sleeve (such as mine) prevents it from looking sloppy

2. The jumper shouldn't finish at the widest point of your thigh as this will give the illusion of you being bigger than you really are

3. Wear dark trousers and dark shoes to elongate the leg 

4. Petites should make sure that the jumper is neat all over as long and baggy will overwhelm your frame 

5. Wearing the same colour top and bottom is slimming

6. It covers your bum!!

And A Few That Have Caught My Eye (lots of different price points)

Anyway, that's it really. About as good as it's going to get today.

Looking forward to a catch up with the daughter tonight and then off shopping tomorrow. Trafford Centre, we're coming to get you.

Have a lovely evening. Gosh I love Fridays.

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