Smartening Up My Act With A Cosy Jumper

17 January 2017
I'm not going to lie, January has been all about comfort so far.

Comfort food. There's been lots of hearty casseroles, lasagnes and shepherds pies.

Comfy evenings. Roaring fires, box sets and the occasional glass of Shiraz (we'll skip over the secret box of Quality Streets that I dive into every night).

Comfy clothes. Lots of cosy layers and loose sweaters. Hardly instagram-worthy and my love of muted colours doesn't help at all. But hey it's January.

That was until Mandy's Heaven came along and threw a right old spanner in the works. I like to think it was a sign from God...."come on Donna, get your act together".  We are talking the pinkiest pink jumper EVER!

Pink Knit - Mandy's Heaven (more options below but love this one)
Black Victoriana Blouse - Warehouse (similar)
Black Eden Leggings - Dorothy Perkins currently on offer
Leopard Print Shoes - River Island
Black Leather Tote - Marks & Spencer (similar) currently on offer

Let's Talk About Fit

Thing is, it's not just a pink jumper but a loose one too. I struggle with the short, clingy versions. We are talking human box, yep Roger Hargreaves, I would make a perfect Mr Strong if ever you are auditioning. A looser, non clingy sweater is far more forgiving don't you think? Of course it does mean that you'll achieve your best look by keeping everything else streamlined so skinnies it is.

One of the things I like about this brand is that they stock lots of loose cut clothes suitable for real women. You may recall this star jumper that I talked about back in December. Mandy the owner understands that we're not all perfect size 8 hourglasses but we still want to feel good. And that's the key isn't it? Feeling good about yourself.

I Can't Help But Feel Good In This 

I mean who wouldn't? The relaxed fit covers the lumps and bumps and gives me a streamlined look and the colour, well what can I say, it's infectious. You can't help but feel happy wearing it. It's the first time in ages that I've felt like fishing out the heels. My goodness, I even found an old Victoriana blouse in the back of the wardrobe to finish it off and give that polished look. 

It's a play on the column of colour that I keep banging on about too, a full length of black with an injection of pink on top. And I didn't have to try very hard. Win Win. 

It certainly brought a bit of sunshine to my day. Blue Monday, I'll see you and raise you Pink Tuesday. Nice to add a pop of colour to my very neutral wardrobe. A lesson I'll take from this. 

Pink Coat - Zara (similar)

This particular jumper is sold out as Mandy buys in small quantities but refreshers her stock frequently so it's worth hopping over to the site regularly. But don't despair if you're after THE colour of the moment, there are a few alternatives that arguably are even better than this one. 

You'll find the links to these on the knitwear page here. And if pink isn't your thing, there are many other colours to float your boat. Prices are very reasonable too! And I haven't even mentioned the tops, dresses, jackets......

And the moral of this story? Comfy can still be stylish. Here endeth the sermon. 


The star jumper mentioned above is in the sale here in the khaki.
The Eden leggings that I'm wearing are incredibly comfy which is of course my favourite word this month.
I changed the shoes for leopard print boots as it was slightly colder than expected but hey the theme is still there.
I may wear the knit again tomorrow because it's so cheerful and makes me feel happy. 
There's free next day delivery during January so you too could be feeling cheerful very soon!

Friday Morning Shoe Inspo

13 January 2017
Next you have redeemed yourselves after the disastrous jeans purchase I made before Christmas. Just spotted these beauties which are very Celine inspired. Quite partial to the red I've got to say although looking out of the window at the slush, I'm not sure I'd be wearing them any day soon.

Top Left: Celine £580
Bottom Left & Right - Next £38

Woke up to a heavy snow fall this morning which the dog found very exciting (he loves the white stuff). Although it's all rather mushy and wet now. 

Have a good day.

Life Lately...

11 January 2017
I'd love to say that my blogging absence is due to a glamorous Caribbean holiday or a full packed diary but in reality I've spent the last 10 days or so at home doing boring post-Christmas housey stuff. Urgh! And it's become apparent that after living here for more than a decade, we need to spend some money this year. My Dad is very good at pointing out this defect and that. So much so that after a lecture about the ridge tiles on the garage, the husband got up a 4am this morning to reverse both cars further down the drive as he was worried about the wind. Good job he did because we awoke to 3 big lumps of mortar where my car is normally parked. His foresight deserves a big smiley face (especially as I didn't even wake up!). 😀

And then there's the leaky guttering, I'm positive it only needs clicking back together at the join but that involves ladders and workmen stood there shaking their head and muttering 'it's gonna cost ya'. The chimneys are ready for sweeping, two of the bathrooms need refitting and another needs new flooring. It all sounds very expensive! So much nicer buying cushions and picture frames.

There's been little shopping on a personal front so I thought I'd fill in the void with what I've been up to recently.

Holiday Planning

We tend to start our summer holiday planning in January. The loose plan is to do a few days in New York followed by a trip to North Carolina. My uncle lives up a mountain in a gobsmackingly beautiful lodge although I don't think I've told him that we're visiting yet so shhhhhhhh don't mention anything. And then as always, a week in the Caribbean which is really rather necessary after a full-on week of sightseeing. The kids are also desperate to go away in February, one wants sun, the other snow. I'm thinking that's a new bathroom!

Absent Tenants 

You know when there's a routine in place and then suddenly that routine is interrupted and your gut tells you that something isn't right? That. Our tenant in Puerto Banus suddenly went quiet on us around October time. Well I say us, I mean the management company although they were pretty sure everything was ok. Fast forward 3 months and it would appear that they've done a runner. Never heard of a dodgy tenant that makes the beds and cleans up before doing so!! Oh and leaving a brand new sofa and bed as well. Had a bit of a chuckle I did. I blame the kids I do. They refuse point blank to spend any more holidays out there so we rent the place out. I'll remind them of that fact when they have their own children and want a cheap holiday on the Costas in 20 years time. Sorry kids, you made it very clear. Let your kids bleed you dry....


I've got piles of clothes that need to go. Piles of piles of piles actually. They seem to breed. Even the kids are good at separating the wheat from the chaff although I'm expected to do the ebaying on their behalf.

Anyway, it's getting a little embarrassing now so I did a big charity shop run today and have started listing on ebay. Never sure if January is a good idea to sell second hand clothes. Surely people got everything they wanted for Christmas? It's one of those jobs that I dread but get a routine going and it isn't so bad. I tend to list everything using the laptop and then take photos with my phone and upload using the Ebay app. Anyway, if you're interested my username is flapper-doodle (direct link to my page is here). I'll be uploading more of my own clothes over the next few weeks.

Trying To Love Denim

Yep, trying to rekindle my love for jeans but it isn't happening. It really isn't. I had high hopes for the Levis 721s but the backside was baggy. If I had been born with a bum, they would have been perfect

So I ended up back in Next before Christmas and picked up a pair of Enhancers. These...

As you know, I'm a big fan of their coated leggings but flippin Nora, the Enhancer jeans are terrible. Within 20 minutes of putting them on, they give. Now I'm all for a bit of give and comfort but it can't be right when you can pull them down without undoing the button can it? And I'm not sure what they are actually enhancing either. So big fat fail. Thank goodness they were only thirty quid. 

Mind you, if you're looking for a pair of skinny skinnies, their 360 range are excellent. I want something slightly less fitted though. 

My search for the perfect pair of jeans continues....

Shopping The Sale Dregs

My plan this year is to wear more dresses in the warmer months which I really enjoyed last summer. And the hemlines need to drop so it's knee length and longer from now on. So I've been trawling the last of the sales for bargains. I picked up a culotte dress thingy in Selfridges (not online) which I'm pretty pleased with. I also tried on a few dresses in Reiss, there's definitely bargains to be had here. 

This one looks so much better on, I would have scrolled passed it online without giving a second glance. It's a lovely easy wear dress, true to size and slightly longer on me than the model. Great for holidays too. 

This is gorgeous, not for everyday wear and if I didn't have 3 unworn occasion dresses hung in the wardrobe, this would be mine. I call those 3 dresses the white elephants of my closet because they stare at me every time I go in there. 

Watching Delicious On Catch Up TV

Anyone else watching this? Dawn French is a brilliantly voluptuous wronged ex-wife with a crafty smirk when things go her way. And Emily Fox. What can I say? Her wardrobe is divine as is she. 

Preparing For The Snow Storms...

Well, if you read the Daily Mail, it's going to be minus 10 with 20 foot of snow come Thursday. That probably means there's going to be a cold spell with a few flurries. Anyway, I've bought an extra loaf of bread and pint of milk, just in case.

This weekend, I'm off to London with two friends (our daughters all live together - how cute is that?). We're having a big sleepover so I've told the daughter to lay off the fake tan otherwise I won't be sharing her bed. Can't decide whether to go smart and sophisticated or comfortable and cosy. The latter seems very appealing right now. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Putting The X-Factor Back In To Your Wardrobe (ALERT: this could change the way you shop forever)

04 January 2017
Images borrowed from Boden. All items currently in stock here

It's that time of year when our nesting instinct kicks in and it suddenly seems important that every cupboard is cleaned, mattresses turned and curtains washed. Well ok, may be not the last one, I always think it's easier to move house when the curtains need washing. Mind you, the full to bursting wardrobe needs attention. Does yours?

Lying in bed the other night, I had one of those light bulb moments that I thought I'd share with you. You'll find wardrobe decluttering tips in abundance on the internet (472,000 to be precise) and I'm sure they cover much the same thing. But there's one little extra that I'd like to add which could change the way you shop....forever. Nothing like setting myself up for a fall hey?

Ok, let's crack on.

So you're going to create 5 piles of clothes from your wardrobe. Take each item out and decide which pile to put it in. These are:

1. The Rag & Bone Pile

These are items that aren't fit for human wear. Moth ridden jumpers, ripped jeans (I mean crotch rip, not designer rip), grey faded get the picture. Stuff you'd be too embarrassed to donate anywhere!

2. The Charity/Ebay Pile

Items that you no longer want but there's still value in them. You can sort out what goes where at a later date. I normally throw everything on Ebay and what doesn't sell is then shipped off to charity. They may not be the height of fashion but they're clean and don't require mending. Charities are always grateful for all donations and don't forget even if they don't sell them in the shop, they may still sell them by weight to a textile recycler).

3. The 'I'm Not Sure' Pile

Those jeans that you've been trying to slim back into for 5 years (be realistic, it ain't happening), put these in pile number 3. That over-sized chunky jumper that looked amazing on your celebrity icon but makes you look well, kind of over-sized and chunky, chuck this in too. Anything that doesn't fit properly, isn't flattering or is generally a pants colour, turf it out and put in the pile. Stuff that you're unlikely to wear but can't bear to part with.

You're going to throw everything into a bin liner, pop it under the bed or in the bottom of your wardrobe and forget about it for 6 months. I can 99.9% guarantee that you won't have missed anything in there so you'll feel much happier about moving these to the no.2 pile above next time you declutter.

4. The 'Hey I Made The Cut' Pile

Yep, as it says on the tin. These are items that you want to keep. Check that they're clean and not missing any buttons. We're going for perfection here ladies so deal with them now!

And then the magic happens...

5. The X-Factor Pile

So, you're going to create your wardrobe heroes from pile 4 and for an item of clothing to make this elite club it should fulfil all of the 3 criteria below:

1. It fits and flatters 
2. The colour complements you
3. You really enjoy wearing it

Do this even for your occasion wear. It's not an exercise of how many times you wear something. It's about pulling out your VERY BEST clothes. Hopefully you'll end up with a dozen or so items that are absolutely perfect. If you have a clothes rail, hang them all up, if not just pop them on the door of your wardrobe. It's time to take a closer look to see if there are any themes coming through;

- maybe straight cut shirts or flouncy blouses
- knee length dresses or longer skirts
- is there a dominant colour
- a particular cut or neckline
- what about fabrics - do you have a preference for cashmere or prefer easy care acrylic
- now check the labels, do you have a favourite shop

Make a note of these themes because they're going to be important when you shop in future. You know what your hero pieces look like, they're going to be your blue prints from now on. Why would you trade in a perfect wrap dress style (if that's what's in your cut) for a shape that doesn't look anywhere near as good? May be there's a particular colour that crops up a couple of times. Look for more items in this shade in the future. Or you seem to suit 3/4 length sleeves (there are currently 38 styles available on ASOS so you're not limiting your choice).

If you would like a copy of a checklist that I've created, drop me a line and I'll email one across to you:

It was an absolute revelation to me. There were a few themes that I was of course already aware of (nude pink for example is a flattering colour against my skin) but I was surprised by the number of pencil style skirts and dresses. To be honest, I should have known this because it's the best shape for a rectangle but seeing the items lined up was powerful stuff. I certainly won't be shopping for any other shape from now on. So pencil and straight cut it is. Because I've been guilty in the past of experimenting with different shapes and yet none made the X-Factor rail. I've been making do with second best. 

And then my daughter also had a go. Again some of the themes were totally expected; pretty colours and patterns and lots of detail. Most of the items were Top Shop, her go-to shop. And nearly all the tops were polyester. Easy care! She leads far too busy a life to bother about ironing so cotton shirts and silks end up at the bottom of the laundry pile. One thing she'll take away from this exercise is to buy easy care fabrics from now on.

Footnote** we went shopping today and she stuck to her brief and bought this totally gorgeous dress which is polyester blend. It's also bang on her X-Factor style as it has pretty detail and is from Top Shop. It's a given that she'll get so much wear out of it.

So what do you think to my little idea? 

It's a great way to discover YOU. 

Three things I often talk about are all taken into consideration by creating your X-Factor pile. Let's have a look at the criteria again:

1. It fits and flatters - it suits your body shape
2. The colour complements you - it's undoubtedly in your colour palette
3. You really enjoy wearing it - your style personality

Genius! You've discovered YOU using your own clothes. My work here is done.

Unless of course you have nothing in your X-Factor pile, maybe you could use the reverse theory and make a list of what to avoid like the plague in future!!!! I'll leave that one with you 😐

Wardrobe Refreshers For The Post Christmas Blues

30 December 2016
I was on Oxford Street the other day and couldn't believe the number of people who were shopping the sales with full-on suitcases. Not those little weekenders either. No, I am talking Caribbean cruise sized trunks. They're either a) very savvy shoppers b) greedy or c) too tight to buy a 5p carrier bag. Me? I'm so over Christmas sales, one visit to Zara was enough. It looked as if it had been shaken like a giant snow globe and then set back down again. Proper, proper messy it was. And as is the norm with Zara, bargains were few and far between. A tenner off here and there, twenty off jackets if you're lucky. The real bargains don't happen for a couple of weeks. I lost interest after about the third display rack.

So, I'm not a great sale shopper. I mean, I can't actually get it out of my head that we're buying stuff that the shops couldn't flog at full price. Is that because the clothes are minging, passed their sell by date or someone in the buying department messed up royally? 

Of course there are genuine bargains to be had and my biggest tip is to steer clear of high fashion unless you're confident that the trend is continuing into the next season. Stick to classics such as trenches, winter coats, blazers, jeans, shirts, cashmere jumpers and anything stripey!!! Not an extensive list but you really can't go wrong with these purchases in my opinion. Also, take the opportunity to step up a level so if you're a mid-High Street purchaser, have a look at the higher end. You'll be buying into serious quality at very affordable prices. That's savvy shopping 💪

Actually, this post isn't about the sales at all. Well it kind of started with that intention when the daughter dragged me out shopping. While she was happy to search through rails and rails of messy stock, I took myself off to look at the new season stuff. And I made a few purchases to inject fresh life into my winter wardrobe but will also come into their own in spring. 

First up, we have this gorgeous shirt (I say blouse). Honestly the detailing in real life is stunning. It would appear that frills and ruching are here to stay for another season so a safe purchase. I love the white embroidery which gives it a really fresh look. 

But I love the back detail even more...a sucker for anything sailor inspired! The writing is made up of sequins and tiny beads and I'll say it again, the workmanship is stunning for the money. 

I'm trying desperately hard to rediscover my love for denim because come Spring, I think this will look great with mid-wash denim and red shoes (these!) or trainers (these!).

And then I happen to spot this shirt 

After wearing heavy jumpers for the last few weeks, it looks so spring-like. Mind you that diagonal red stripe draws the eyes upwards and outwards. Not so great if you're wide shouldered (me). I haven't tried it on yet so fingers crossed it still works. And if it does, it will be perfect for wearing under knits now until it's warm enough to wear on it's own. 

It's probably my favourite shade of blue, certainly flattering against my skin tone (and most others too). 

Both of the above blouses are from Next. I was looking at some comments on their Facebook page earlier and wow people are errrrrr shall we say direct....quality is rubbish, who designs these things, shocking. Am I the only person that thinks they've upped their game recently? Ok there's a lot I wouldn't buy but then it's such a big retailer now that it's always going to cater for different style personalities. I can always find something(s) I love each season. 

Finally a blush pink (another favourite shade) lace blouse from River Island. I saw this a couple of days before I actually purchased it. I'm normally an impulsive shopper but walked away from this one. Of course it meant I couldn't sleep that night, nor the next. So in the end, I scratched the itch and popped back to buy it. 

Mind you, if I'd seen it online, I wouldn't have looked twice at this picture. It's far nicer in real life. 

Again, I need to try it on but I intend to toughen it up a little with a biker jacket and jeans. Hoping it will also work under a crew neck jumper right now. Husband asked why I'd even bother to buy if if I intended to 'cover all those frilly things and dangly sleeves'. Because you'll see the pretty neckline doh!!!! 

Other than a few bras from John Lewis (brilliant selection at the Oxford Street branch, not so good online), that was my sum total of post Christmas shopping. To be quite honest, I'm feeling a little retail frazzled right now. Probably regret it as I tried on a gorgeous dress in Whistles which I really should have bought and clocked a couple in Finery that I wanted to try on but couldn't be bothered to undress. Nay mind, there'll be plenty of discounts come Spring for sure. 

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. It's been an odd one for me, my first without Mum. We did the usual family thing Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day and then stayed with our daughter in London for a few days while she got up at 7.30am to go to work. Oh how I laughed at those tables that have turned. 

More family here tomorrow night followed by breakfast at a local hotel on New Years Day and a long dog walk. Then it's football in the afternoon. Pray when do we actually step off this treadmill? 😬

I for one will be glad to banish the baubles to the loft for another year. 

Best wishes to everyone for 2017, we have high hopes yes?

Christmas Ramblings Of An Old Woman

20 December 2016

Anyone else fed up with their beauty advent calendar? I am. I've got trial size lotions and potions everywhere, I keep forgetting to open the doors on the correct dates and the products are teeny-tiny and I can't read the instructions. Not only that, I can't even work out what most of them are for. I've had conditioner on my face (it came in a pot) and gold sparkle facial oil on my nails. I mean seriously how do the manufacturers expect you to read the blurb on a container just a few centimetres tall? But 20 days in and I've worked out that if I take a photo on my phone and zoom in, I can just about make out what the product is. Easy then to google what it's actually supposed to do. Totally underwhelmed by the whole experience. Next year I'll buy myself a tin of Quality Streets instead.

And this got me thinking about everything else that get's my goat at Christmas.

Take the 'behind the curtain presents' that the husband hides every years. The kids know that they're there. We know that the kids know that they're there. But we do this whole bloody charade thing of 'SURPRISE!' I don't mind that so much, it's the fact that hubby decides last minute that they need a 'behind the curtain present' even though I've already spent a small fortune on them. 

And then there's the 'trying to balance the money spent on each child' debacle. This I've managed, although the daughter has 6 more presents to open than the son (he has more expensive taste obviously). Pile-wise they're roughly the same although it used to be a problem. There's 5 1/2 years between them so when the son was receiving Ninja Turtle forts and Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcons, the daughter was in to sparkly diaries and Slappie Slap Watches (or whatever the equivalent was 10 years ago). Humongous son's pile vs teeny-tiny daughter's pile. I had to run out one Christmas Eve to buy a hockey stick (she never played hockey) and an oversized science experiment kit (it went to the charity shop 6 months later...unopened). All to balance out the piles. 

Don't get me started on the hunter and hunted game that precedes the big day. You know, when the kids suddenly adopt stealth personas and leave no cupboard unturned in their quest to find their presents. We've done the loft thing, neighbours houses, wardrobes, garage, car boot, locked suitcases. The lot. And every chuffin year, they find them (well only since Santa wrote a letter about burning his bum on the fire so he'd made an arrangement with Mummy and Daddy that we'd look after the presents for him). I've even resorted to putting them in black bin liners, tied with string and then snipped so close to the knot that if they untied it, there's no way they'd be able to retie the string. Except, I forgot to hide the ball of string..... 

Of course we hide the presents so well that sometimes even we can't find them. Until January! Kind of defeats the object really. 

Unwanted gifts anyone? Let the search commence for the receipts. And after spending 2 hours looking in carriers and trying to work out which handbags I've used in December, I give up and exchange the present for vouchers worth £2.20 because the items are on double blue cross sale. 

I've got Christmas cake coming out of my ears and why does that tin of Panettone go on for ever and ever. It breeds overnight I'm convinced. Making your own croissants on Christmas morning seemed like such a good idea at the time. I  don't mean from scratch, I mean the ones that come in the tube that you have to construct and cook. That's once you've actually worked out how to open the bloomin thing. Have you ever tried to follow the instructions??? Well that is if you can read them. Phone torches come in very useful don't they? Oh and seriously how many veg do you have to juggle at lunchtime. Simultaneously cooking and keeping warm. A logistics degree is required to keep on top of that one. And why do we insist on dressing up to cook Christmas lunch? A disaster waiting to happen if you ask me. I've been known to sob into my tea towel as my best silk shirt sleeve is splattered with fat and then frantically searching for online tips to get it out while the pigs in blankets burn under the grill (which was turned on as a last resort to keep the food warm). 

Don't get excited, it doesn't work!

I have 5 double beds to change on New Years Eve as we say bye bye to house guests and welcome a fresh batch (impossible task), another battle in the supermarket and I'll be in full on banshee mode with the kids who insist on keeping their pressies in the living room. I don't want to see a Soap & Glory megabox  gift set and American Eagle boxer shorts on my floor. It's plain wrong. And there'll be dust balls the size of Hollywood Western tumble weeds in the hall because vacuuming when you have guests would be rude right? I'm not even going to think about those cheap flimsy Christmas cards that warp in the heat and won't stay standing for longer than 5 seconds. 

And then to add insult to injury, the husband insists (nay, demands) that the Christmas decorations stay up until 6th January even though the baubles are literally touching the floor - already. DEPRESSING or what? 

I have no hopes that the kitchen tree will survive until then, it's already looking a little forlorn. 

Sad innit!

So why do it year after year? Well, I do it for these two. They're as excited now as they were when they were kids. The sheer delight on their faces is enough for me to forget the traumatic experience of finding the right presents and constantly picking out empty wrappers from the Quality Street tin. 

And this big kid, because he's probably the biggest of them all. He doesn't have a clue what we've bought and I don't think he really wants to know because it's as much of a surprise to him as them.

And the rest of the family too who we get to see over the festive period. 

I'm looking forward to spending a few days in London, that bottle of fine red wine that's been sat in the wine rack all year, immersing myself in box sets and listening to Christmas carols (Classic FM style). Meeting friends for that last minute coffee and wearing sequins at 11am because sparkle is acceptable any time of day. Drinking port (wtf is that all about?) and eating as many chocolates as I darn well like without anyone raising an eyebrow. Making late night snacks from all the leftovers that seem to go on and on and on. 

That's what it's all about really isn't it, the three Fs. Family, friends and food (and wine but that wouldn't have worked as well would it, three Fs and a W).

So this WILL BE the last post before Christmas and I wish you all a very merry time indeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading the blog, it means such a lot. I've enjoyed our little interactions and private chats over on email xx

Shoes Maketh The Outfit

18 December 2016

Gosh I love shoes. More so than bags and coats and tops and chocolate. And I'm not a shoe snob either. High Street and high doesn't matter to me, as long as they look good. I'm not even bothered if they're uncomfortable. Beauty is pain and all that. This addiction is bad isn't it?

All I'm saying is that if you have a good stash of shoes in your closet, you can build an outfit from almost anything. They can transform and update a look instantly. I mean, look at Cinderella. You're not telling me she wouldn't have bagged her prince if she hadn't been wearing a pair of killer shoes.

Anyway, I happen to land on the River Island website after a search for leopard print heels (mine are shot) and those clever IT elves that work behind the scenes remembered that I looked at this pair ages ago. You know, that little scrolly bar at the bottom of the page that reminds you of products that you've viewed. Evil those elves I tell you, evil. And they're only in the bloomin sale now so of course I couldn't resist a little online order.

Red Croc Strappy Mary Jane Shoes now £15

I think they'll look great with cropped jeans in the spring (providing I rekindle my love for denim before then).

And in the sparkly metallic £15

Leopard print sock boot anyone? Great for midi length skirts and dresses and skinnies as well.

Leopard Print Sock Boot now £25

These black ones are amazing and I'm questioning my own sanity now. Why on earth didn't I order them? FOOL.

Black Suede Sock Boot £35

I think there's a little bit of mileage left in metallic loafers.

Gold Loafers £15

These next ones are available in black, silver and gold. A great option to update tired business dress.

Tassel Loafers £25

A statement flat if ever there was one, available in black and gold.

Gold Patent Tassel loafer £20

And I should have ordered these too! I've been after a pair of grey boots for ages. A much lighter option for summer because we all know that there are days that boots are required even in July.

Grey Sock Boot £25

Big love for these as well. Great styled with jeans and a blazer. I have these Celtic sheepskin insoles in my trainers that keep my feet toasty warm. I bought a cheap pair from Amazon last year and they fell to bits after a few weeks. So far, the Celtic ones are wearing well.

Burgundy Metallic Trim Trainer £15

And so many more in the sale too. In fact, 157 styles (as at 11.00 Sunday morning). Here's the link to lots of lushness. I'd recommend a plan of action for your undoubted over-indulgent spending (for which I accept no responsibility). Check husband's calendar. If he's out, get them delivered to your home using express delivery (free with £100 spend). If he's around, get them sent to your local Collect+ shop. You can then smuggle them in to the house under the cover of darkness! Wrap them up and shove them under the tree. He won't even think to question who they're from on Christmas Day. If he does, look sweet and innocent and say, 'oh shucks, there's no gift tag'. A present from you to you.

Merry Christmas.

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