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Impulse Shopping & Happy Clothes

Most of my impulse buys are good ones. I see something and I know immediately that I want it.

Take this jacket. I was shopping with Dad and I saw it hung near the doorway. I didn't set out to buy a pink blazer that morning, it hadn't even been on my radar. But as soon as I clocked it, it was mine. No umming and ahhing. Just straight to the till to pay. Dad's an impulse shopper too - first thing he sees, he buys. Get in and get out as fast as he can kinda guy. I like to think that I'm slightly different. More of a 'it was meant to be' kind of purchase. And thinking back, these impulse buys are always from my personal blueprint clothes; tailored blazers, skinny jeans, shirts and ankle boots. 

Anyway, I've worn it lots and I intend to continue doing so. I mean you can't fail to be happy in a delicious shade of pink can you? I have a few clothes that make me happy - do you?

Pink Herringbone Blazer - Next

And by the reaction that I've had on various social media platforms and people stopping me in the street, I think that there may be lots of women buying this happy blazer. So, I thought I'd hop on here to give you a heads up BECAUSE STOCKS ARE RUNNING LOW. Just in case you're in the market for a pink jacket. Maybe if you're dipping your toe into the blazer world, pink might not be the best place to start. A more neutral colour is probably better. But if you have all of those bases covered, go ahead, think pink, I promise you won't be disappointed.

2 comments on "Impulse Shopping & Happy Clothes"
  1. The jacket must have leapt out as something that would just slot into your wardrobe.
    My husband is the speediest of shoppers. He's done his years purchasing in seconds. I've seen him buy shoes without even trying them on. He detests shopping!

    1. Oh it did Elaine. It's obviously a man thing because my hubby does the same twice a year and then moans he hasn't got any clothes. Our son on the other hand is a fussy devil and spends ages finding just the right thing!!!! x